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Hi. This blog is going to be inactive from now until I say so, because of the simple fact no one reads it. If anyone reading this doesn’t like what I’m saying, comment. But If you don’t, this blog is DEAD.



hey it’s me the only author on here theflamebringer so yeah. Today is my birthday. Cool, right? Yeah. So right now I’m reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riodan (the amazing author who wrote the Percy Jackson books). Anyone like it? I do. I love how Annabeth is still in it though! Piper is awesome also, but I will always love Annabeth! Ok, off topic. Books. Okay. So anyone read anything good lately? Next thing imgonna try is Tunnels. I don’t know who it’s by, so google it. I  Google!! Haha… Yeah. So I wanna go to the zoo for my birthday. Hopefully my cousin will get her head stuck in the monkey picture again!! LOL
GTG, Bye!

Hey everyone who uses the Internet. I havent posted in a month because I have been busy and grounded, but I’m back! And randomer than ever! I wrote a song! And I sing now! EVERYWHERE!
lol so yeah not much. I’m getting more focused on my music more, but I will always, ALWAYS have time for ‘Arry Potter
And Won Won. And ‘ErMyOH!Nee. lol. I wanna post a pic. Here it goes:


Shake it sexy snape!

Ok bye

Today it’s approx. 74 degrees at my house. My house is in Oklahoma, where we are famous for our ice-storms this time of year. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?! It’s so messed up! I am seriously in my tank top and denim capris as I’m typing. This is so weird! Global Warming must be a bigger think than we give it credit for!

So lately I have been talking about ducks. I have no clue why. Somone asked me about it. I’m sorry random spammer, but I do not know why I talk about ducks and fhrkdjflsaoeirugnvjd to you too.  Anyway, I am now searching everywhere for Harry Potter Icons, liek this one:

I'd like some like these, preferably moving or flashing,because in Harry Potter they have moving pics.

Yeah. I got an iPod touch 4 Christmas. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever owned. I got fifty dollars with it and I blew it all on songs and apps 🙂 lol. I have tried writing songs over and over again but they’re not very good…. well here’s an excerpt of one. Tell me what you think please please please! I don’t know if it’s any good!

The emptiness;the hollowness

I can’t quite put my finger on it but I know something’s wrong.

Can’t take the stress;It’s all a mess

I cannot put my finger on it but I know somethings wrong

That’s all for now, my dears. Comment Comment Comment! I really need to know if it’s any good! It’s a REALLY fast song in my head, and it has a techno feel to it. When I wrote it I was listening to I’m Not The One by 3OH!3 and I Like To Dance by Hot Chelle Rae, so that may be why the song has a techno feel. Anyway, peace, I gotta listen to some music……



Fishin’ For Squirrels

Pretty randomous,right? I know.I’m keepin it that way. Soooo…. ever watch Psych?You know, on USA every Wednesday?If you haven’t you need to. It’s HALARIOUS! Def one of my fave shows. HAve you been to IHOP lately? I want some pankakes…. NO I WANT WAFFLES! SO.CLOSE.TO.CHRISTMAS.My fave holiday is St. Patrick’s day tho, an EXCUSE to pinch somone!  I have so many fave quotes latelybut I really like “When life gives you skittles, throw it in somones face and scream,’TASTE THE FREAKIN’ RAINBOW!'”. Or,” In a Cherrio world, dare to be a Froot Loop,”. I also like,”I know the voices aren’t real, but they have some good ideas…” the list goes on and on! “I’m Harry Potter, school is for losers, I’m very awesome,” JEEZ well that’s all for now…..WAIT FOR IIIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!


Virtual Hogwarts?

Okay, so I was searching the web (empty googling. I’s bad for your health, but you find so much useful information!) and I found a virtual Hogwarts!  It’s not like what I have in mind at all, but I think it would be cool if I had a page on here and I made up some characters in houses and you act like you’re in Hogwarts! IDK if you would wanna play along, but I might. It may seem a little geekish to some people( *ahem thepolymath ahem*) but IDK. I may trash it if no one else thinks it would be cool. If it’s unanimous I’ll delete this post and we’ll pretend it never happened  I’ll do it anyway  then it wont happen. Vote in the comments. Better yet, I’ll make a poll:




Edit: Sorry about the freak out earlier I just heard that Uglies has been optioned for film like a year ago! AND I DIDN’ KNOW IT!!!!! Well,that’s all for now…. comment if you have read the books!


I’m having trouble writing songs. It’s harder than you’d expect. I have zero inspiration. ZERO! ZIP! EL ZIPO! ZILCH! Can you help me? Comment below on what gets you inspired.

My bffs blog

My bff the polymath1339 has made a blog called nightlightnottwilight. It has no posts yet.  here’s the link:

In other news,I’m in another band called the Intertwined. It’s pretty cool!

well very short post but I got no time to post more.comment please!! laterz!