This awesome blog is about anything and everything. I mean it. Music,TV,Poptropica,fast food,iPods,art,exercise,eating at Waffle House,school,cellphones,video games,et cetera, et cetera.

theflamebringer- I’m ** years old . I like poptropica,Harry Potter,Potter Puppet Pals,my iPod,Taylor Swift and Allison Iraheta and We the Kings and Jennette McCurdy and Black Eyed Peas and Ozzy Osbourne and Demi Lovato,Spongebob,Animal Crossing 1 2 and 3,Taylor Lautner(hehawtt!),my cellphone,iCarly(GO SEDDIE!*ahem*),Perry the Platypus,Drawing, and reading.I live  in Oklahoma,so excuse my grammar.I am the manager of the DG Pops band.I am an author on The Poptropican Data Blog. My poptropican’s name is Magic Glove.