This is theflamebringer reporting on Harry Potter 7,Rick.So every HP fan knows that the movies are hardly ever as good as the book( I say hardly because Book 4 and Movie 4 were pretty accurate. ) Anyway, since the movie is split up into two parts it’s bound to be better,it will be in so much better detail. I personally can’t wait. Back to you,Rick,”… (lol) “Thanks. A question: Have any of you viewers(reader,that would be you) ever read Scott Westerfeld’s books,the Midnighters trilogy,the Uglies series,or read Ally Carter’s books like the Gallagher Girls series or her newest book,Heist Society? If not, you really need to. They are great books. Go to Amazon or eBay right now to buy them this instant. NOW!.Thank you this has been our 8:15 report join us tommorrow with more updates of the things talked about here tonight. Goodnight and have a fine Monday night.