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Okay Harry Potter 7 was just amazing! It was completely awesome! Have u seen it yet? If not go see it now! I personally think it is the best one yet! The best part was when they were drinking the polyjuice potion and when George gets his ear cursed off. He walks in on Ginny and Harry saying goodbye and he was drinking tea or something and was just grinning lol but it was SO sad When Dobby died! Well, I have to go so bye! Comment on what to you thought about it! Tell me your fave part!
Peace Out Muggles


O-si-yo(Cherokee for Hello)

Hi guys! I wanted to let you know I probably won’t be on in the next few days…I need to get ready for Thanksgiving.Lots of cooking!
Well,Bye! HAppy Thanksgiving!Show what your grateful 4!


I really don’t know what to post about…. oh well I can post about Poptropica.

so have you been on poptropica before? Most of the people who read this blog probably have,but If you haven’t you need to go  to  like, now. I really like it because I can get on it at school because,and this may be hard to belive once you’ve been playing it, it is an educational game.

Also I got some extensions.they are blue,red,green,purple,and white!Thanks guys!

THE music queen(me)

Are you scouring all over iTunes to find some cool music to listen to? Well,look no further!Here are some cool songs that can be found on iTunes. Allison Iraheta (who was on American Idol.She finished 3rd I think) is AMAZING,I love all her songs but my faves are “Robot Love” and “Don’t Waste the Pretty”. There is a version of”Don’t Waste the Pretty” with Orianthi,and that is freakin’ awesome! Orianthi is an incredible singer/songwriter/guitarist as well and,funny tidbit,my Grandma bought me her CD Belive for Christmas last year before “According to You ” was a big hit. Kinda funny,huh?Taylor Swift is,as I said before ,my favorite country artist right now,but it ties with Jennette McCurdy and Lady Antebellum. Paramore is great,but I don’t like most of their songs.I like Crushcrushcrush and Fences but that’s about it.We the Kings is a good band,too.Oh,and if you like parodies go for the Venetian Princess.She’s halarious!Anyway I gotta go,so short-ish post today,but here’s a picture for you to enjoy.

New School,New Hair

Hey guys I’m starting a new school on Monday so I want to add some color to my hair.I DON’T wanna dye it,so I am going to buy some extensions.I want you to vote the color you like best.I had highlights in the forth grade,but that was so long ago…lol!

here are some possible colors:







anyway,Harry Potter 7 comes out in 14 DAYS!!! Wow,It’s so close!I can’t wait,can u?

In books news,I am going to post a book you should read EVERY DAY from now on.

In music,I ❤ SPEAK NOW!

well,that’s all folks!(short post I know!

This is theflamebringer reporting on Harry Potter 7,Rick.So every HP fan knows that the movies are hardly ever as good as the book( I say hardly because Book 4 and Movie 4 were pretty accurate. ) Anyway, since the movie is split up into two parts it’s bound to be better,it will be in so much better detail. I personally can’t wait. Back to you,Rick,”… (lol) “Thanks. A question: Have any of you viewers(reader,that would be you) ever read Scott Westerfeld’s books,the Midnighters trilogy,the Uglies series,or read Ally Carter’s books like the Gallagher Girls series or her newest book,Heist Society? If not, you really need to. They are great books. Go to Amazon or eBay right now to buy them this instant. NOW!.Thank you this has been our 8:15 report join us tommorrow with more updates of the things talked about here tonight. Goodnight and have a fine Monday night.